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Why Choose Soflo Digital

Remote Culture

We provide a complete virtual setup,
where you can work from  home.

Comprehensive Health Plans

Taking care of our team is our utmost priority. We make sure healthcare is covered.

Paid Time Off

Work sometimes gets exhausting, We realise that
and offer you paid time off.

Performance-Based Bonus

We believe in appreciating the hard work our
employees put in everyday.

Bi-Annual Increments

Not only once a year but twice you are eligible for an incremental raise in your package

Service End Benefit

We offer gratuity to all our
parting employees. 

Our Process


The application phase in the selection process is seen as passive from the hiring team side, waiting for candidates to respond to our job ad. However, applications are selection tools, helping us sort candidates as qualified or unqualified. 

Email Confirmation

Emails are integral part of online applications through which all the necessary communication will be carried out remotely. 

Resume (CV) Screening

Now that we have a collection of resumes or CVs to examine through and filter those deemed suitable for a screening call. We will now go through resumes one by one, whether manually or software-assisted, and identify prime candidates. 

Cover letter

Tell us more about yourself that you think must be acknowledged by us other than your professional background.  

Screening Call by HR

The screening call, or phone screen, is the next step where recruiters shortlist applicants. The purpose of this call is to have a better understanding whether the candidate knows job responsibilities well and (at least) minimally qualifies to do it successfully. This way, only the best ap plicants will go to the next step in hiring stages, like assessments and in-person interviews, saving time and money of both sides.

Assessment Test

Once we have screened candidates and sorted them out into “promising”, “maybe”, and “disqualified” groups, we want to look at the surviving candidates and further assess their ability to do the job we’re looking to fill. For example an in-person audition for an acting position.  

Final Interview

After all the screening and assessments, Final Interviews takes place with the Company Heads where a candidate is being evaluated on the basis of their skillset, competence and commitment with the organisation.  

Offer Letter

Congratulations! After a series of well-organized selection processes for recruiting competent employees, you’ve finally found your perfect organisation matching with your skill set. Now is the time to prove us that you’re an asset to this organisation. The job offer process is a critical one; done right, you’ll soon welcome your new asset in the office. But, if you miss something, you might lose a great candidate or a great organisation and have to start the hiring process all over again.  

Happy Onboarding

Now you’re ready set up an orientation for a fresh start. Now is the time to achieve dreams collectively.    

Our Success Partners

Don’t just take it from us. Let our client do the talking. We work with the most demanded tools & technologies to deliver the project, enabling you to compete in today’s world.


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